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Killer Hobix Tutorial (in English and French) #

by why in inspect

Frederick Ros has done an incredible job thoroughly exploring the basics of Hobix (the blogging software RedHanded uses) in his series of Hobix tutorials.

His first tutorial covers installation and—to the last detail—he guides you through the automated installer and setting up blogs. Complete with screenshots and such.

His second tutorial is absolutely essential. Particularly the section on Quick templates. A Quick template is an ERb template broken up into chunks which can be overridden or reused. These templates have saved my life on RedHanded. In most cases I wanted to use the default look, but I wanted to customize the entry footer or the sidebar organization. I just had to create a Quick template that only defined those elements. Defaults filled in the rest.

He illustrates this customization by adding an index.html.quick template, which alters the display of the date header.

   day_header: |
     <h2 class="dayHeader"><%= day.strftime( "%A, %B %d, %Y" ) %></h2>

If your thirst isn’t quenched by Frederick’s tutorial, Robert Brook is collecting tips. Lyle Johnson has also been organizing the old Hobix Tips of the Day into del.icio.us/lyle/hobix. Gushing thankyous to these fine gentlemen for pitching in!

said on 24 Feb 2005 at 01:02

Wow .. Quite an honnor to be mentionned here ! I’m kind of forced to write the installment 3 on plugin now ;)

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