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Oh, Source for Popular Codesharing App Unveiled in Obscure Four-letter Link on a Blog Somewhere #

by why in inspect

Yeah, the source code for Peter Cooper’s code-sharing site (now at version 0.2) was released earlier this week in a brief post to his blog. Next time maybe he’ll just dump the complete source into an entry on the snippets site, along with the simple title “Here.”

All in all, a nice little Rails app with YAML test fixtures and microfolksonomy. I first saw this on his Advogato diary. If you’re an Advogator, give the poor bloke some certs and colors!

said on 28 May 2005 at 10:47

Haha, yes, thanks for that, I noticed your cert a few days ago. I was somewhat surprised at yours, considering what you’ve done, so have returned the favor.

YAML test fixtures? I think you may be looking at the wrong app. Snippets is, rather ashamedly, one of those apps that gasp lacks tests at this point. This is shocking, I know, and I will be giving myself twenty hail marys.

That aside, thanks for your constant support. I always enjoy reading what you have to say.

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