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Pugs and Eigenclasses? Yessir, This Satire's Got Legs! #

by why in inspect

Ho, oh, ho, here we go. MenTaL sent me this and just keep in mind that when Autrijus talks about MM2, he’s talking about the Perl6 MetaModel2.0 prototype.

Talked with Stevan about MM2, and we both agreed that Ruby-style singleton classes—I mean eigenclasses—is a saner way than this arbitrary distinction of class methods and instance methods. The user-visible API (aka metaobject protocol) would remain the same, but the internal dispatcher would be much easier to reason about.

During this trying time when no one can get their techie catchwords to stick to the refrigerator no matter how hard they slap it with the enchanted magnetic spatula, it’s good to know that the contrived phrases really do fly, graceful and unclasped and bearing north toward chilled shrimp. I know what my Hallowe’en pumpkin is going to say. (Watch Autrijus Tang, definitely people.)

said on 05 Oct 2005 at 02:12

wow, I was going to send a mail to you about this :)

said on 05 Oct 2005 at 10:53

Yes, eigenclasses are saner.

When can we get Autrijus to work on a Ruby2 implementation in Haskell?

said on 05 Oct 2005 at 14:32

I love this industry.. there’s never a shortage of new terminology!

For dinner tonight.. eigenbroccoli with singleton cheese! Pass the metabread my good man!

said on 05 Oct 2005 at 16:46

(<|:{): As soon as there is a set of specs for Ruby2, I’m game.

I’m also quite interested in targetting YARV from Pugs; a frontend would be a nice addition.

said on 05 Oct 2005 at 20:40

This is “almost a spec” for Ruby2: http://www.rubygarden.org/ruby?Rite

Note that Matz seems very willing (eager?) for someone else to write the first implementation.

It seems like you could implement a Ruby-a-like with the more straight-forward changes described (variable scoping, method dispatch) and work incrementally from there…

said on 05 Oct 2005 at 20:43

You will be happy to know that I just commited the a new version of the Perl6::MetaModel which now actually includes a properly named EigenClass

said on 05 Oct 2005 at 21:30

Somehow I doubt that specs for Ruby2 will ever materialize… You will have to mind-meld with Matz to get them.

said on 06 Oct 2005 at 05:09

Metabread? Hence “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad” by Meta Loaf (“You’ve been looking for a Ruby in a mountain of rocks” etc). Now, can I get these specs in my prescription?

said on 06 Oct 2005 at 21:33

I’ve asked about specs before on the ML. Matz is not opposed to them, however, he does not want to be the maintainer of the many documents (I heard this indirectly). I considered working on docs myself when I started IoRuby (YARI). Instead, the community pointed me towards Rubicon (a high coverage test suite). The test suite is growing towards full coverage. This may or may not work as a spec for Autrijus but it is on its way.

said on 07 Oct 2005 at 03:29

is rubicon up to date with current ruby? IIRC there were quite a bit of errors last time I tried it. We need a update-rubicon-hackathon

said on 07 Oct 2005 at 11:51

I’m not sold on Rubicon. The project seems overly preoccupied with testing tools instead of just, you know, tests.

said on 07 Oct 2005 at 16:30

We should bring this up at the conference then. Rubicon hackathon even.

said on 10 Oct 2005 at 01:12

Stevan’s EigenClass recently moved. Fyi.

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