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Alexey Verkhovsky, the new foreman on Instiki is helping pushing me from behind to get RedCloth 3.0 stable. (The latest release is within hairs!!) And he’s reporting a speed increase I didn’t expect, since RedCloth handles two kinds of markup now.

In this test of mine, 357 wiki pages (677 kb) are converted to HTML.

  • 49 sec by RedCloth from CVS HEAD (3.0.2+)
  • 79 seconds by RedCloth 2.0.11.

...there is a lot more than just RedCloth.to_html happening in the import, so RedCloth portion itself must be more than 2 times faster.

My truest thanks, Alexey!

said on 05 Feb 2005 at 03:17

heo, according to the c2 UserPage he’s a tester ain’t he? ;) Btw, IIRC he’s also one of the heads behind rforum.. hope they release it soon.

said on 12 Feb 2005 at 17:00


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