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Ruby is Just Plain Evolution #

by why in inspect

Rick Nooner has dumped a bunch of thoughts on using Ruby in his distributed software and he makes a great point about the common garbage collecting and processor speed concerns:

While writing video games, I witnessed the transition from assembly language to C. In the nuclear industry, I saw the transition from special purpose, real time operating systems to VMS, QNX and Unix and from assembly and fortran to C then C++. Each transistion raised the same questions about performance, etc that you are asking now about garbage collected languages.

We still need to address the concerns. But, yeah, I think this transition is led by people who believe that expressive and pliable technology has the edge. Pressure in the business world which fuels innovation and demands expression.

I wonder, though, is there pressure from users to find a way of expressing their needs for personal innovation? (From Ara Howard on ruby-talk.)

said on 04 Aug 2005 at 14:54

To increase the execution speed of Ruby programs there also is Yet Another Ruby VM ( www.atdot.net/yarv/ ). Now, today I’ve run across www.pugscode.org – the virtual machine of Perl 6 that is based on Haskell. This makes me wonder what kind of compiler language YARV will use. Any ideas? (BTW, there are developers that prefer www.ocaml.org as a compiler language; for an example see the Motion-Twin Action Script Compiler at mtasc.org ; and also worth a look in this respect is nice.sourceforge.net )

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