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Ruby Morse.mid Maker #

by why in inspect

Dan Berger just dropped a link to a pile of random Ruby scripts. Among which is an ASCII-morse-to-MIDI-morse translator. This terrifies me. I mean, really, what is going to stop me from spending the next 24 hours coding an EPIC script which will translate #ruby-lang into audible morse?? And then how will I resist the insatiable urge to add a telegraph peripheral to my machine and cause it to usher my taps back into IRC?? A new day is dawning. It’s called 1838 Part II.

said on 02 Jun 2005 at 17:49

So true. Ever read The Victorian Internet?

Adding a telegraph key isn’t too hard; just break open a cheap USB mouse and wire the key to one of the mouse button contacts.

said on 02 Jun 2005 at 17:51

(Not that The Victorian Internet has anything to do with attaching morse peripherals to computers.)

said on 02 Jun 2005 at 22:52

That is pretty damn cool. I considered writing something like that, but alas, someone beat me to it (again!) Darn those psychic Ruby developers! Get out of my mind!


said on 03 Jun 2005 at 05:53

There is more information, including other (non-Ruby) programs at


said on 03 Jun 2005 at 06:08

oops, turned off javascript, so couldn’t look up how to do that as a link. http://www.biography.ms/Morse_code.html

said on 21 Jul 2005 at 05:36


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