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RubyVM Just Months Away #

by why in inspect

Ko1 is (firmly) back in the saddle. I totally missed this message dated June 2nd, wherein he outlines the three plans for YARV between now and February 2006.

  1. Merge YARV to Ruby

    In current version of YARV, we must patch to ruby source code. In this year, I’ll replace all legacy VM with YARV.

    It’s meeans that YARV will be The RubyVM.

  2. Native Thread Support

    Some people love it :)

  3. Multi VM Instance

    Like MVM (technology of Java VM).

His email on case/when optimization should give you a window in on the sort of things he’s been working on this month.

I don’t know about you guys, but I love watching such a capable core developer come out of nowhere. Mainly because Matz clearly prophesied this would happen. Perl has Autrijus and we have Sasada.

In Parrot news, this quote from Autrijus: “I’m now fairly convinced that Parrot’s design is sound, and the implementation glitches—i.e. its uncanny ability of segfaulting an infinite loop in constant time—can be ironed out with leo’s patch monstery.” The parrot/pugs relationship is helping all of us, guys.

said on 28 Jun 2005 at 10:16

And when it’s finished it has to be compiled to silicon. The Ruby Machine, (no longer virtual). :-)

said on 28 Jun 2005 at 20:31

Ruby could use a good deal of haskell loving, too.

said on 05 Aug 2005 at 03:43

How about a good deal of OCAML loving? See www.ocaml-tutorial.org; an for an example: mtasc.org. And last but not least also throw a look at the YACC alternative www.antlr.org & xpa.sf.net!

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