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Solidarity (Wink Wink) #

by why in inspect

We’ve decorated a corner. The projectionists have this little ribbon your blog can wear if your blog doesn’t mind being hoodwink’d. Being a winker myself, I know the forces of neglect these offstage speakers often endure. Their words are completely ignored. By bloggers, by Googlebot, even by spammers and trolls!

We don’t need much. Just a <div id="hoodwinkd"></div> under your blog’s entries is enough to make a difference in a muttering druid’s life today.

said on 06 Sep 2005 at 13:05

I don’t look at it so much as we’re being ignored, more like we’re angels above commenting about the lives and blogs of mere mortals below.

said on 06 Sep 2005 at 14:50

Perhaps some more concrete details on just what hoodwink.d is would help folks decide. I saw a link on the Mousehole wikwi, but it went nowhere (and I was running Mousehole, too …)

Anyway, I’ve done added the winkmarker here

said on 06 Sep 2005 at 16:08

James: You can run the Mousehole proxy, but you won’t be winking till you add the hoodwink’d script ( http://mousehole.rubyforge.org/wiki/wiki.pl?UserScripts ) to your user scripts.

said on 07 Sep 2005 at 21:35

Wild people who care too much about the integrity of puzzles to say anything. They muffle the screams with hot towels.

said on 08 Sep 2005 at 02:31

<|:{ : How can one start to wink when the only way to get the user script seems to be by going to a site you can’t access without that same script?

At least that’s how I understand the so far extremely confusing explanations about Hoodwink’d, and that’s why I haven’t started using it yet.

said on 08 Sep 2005 at 04:48

The reason I haven’t started using it yet (or tried to find out what it does exactly) is because I lost my internet connection at home at the beginning of this month and is now banished to the ruby-shunning uni computer labs for my binary fixes and trying to get java to compile ruby code.

but as far as I’ve gathered, hoodwink’d lets you post commentaries where you usually can’t. or something like that.

said on 08 Sep 2005 at 05:30

kode: That I’ve finally understood (after parsing through the adjective-laden and willingly obfuscated descriptions of other people). What I still don’t get is how to use it in combination with Mousehole (the only way which is acceptable to me, as I won’t modify configuration files from my installation for something like that), since it seems to involve getting a script from a place only available when you have that script already running! (a chicken and egg problem)

said on 08 Sep 2005 at 07:50

It helps if you adjust your /etc/hosts file. Or system32/drivers/etc/hosts as the case may be.

said on 08 Sep 2005 at 08:20

sporkmonger: That’s the point: I don’t want to touch that file (in my case it’s /etc/hosts :) ), not for something I don’t know in advance what I’ll get.

said on 08 Sep 2005 at 10:12

Tsela: if you are unwilling to modify your HOSTS file, then you’re unwilling to go underground with us. there’s only one entrance to the cave. you can’t walk on top of it and presume to be inside.

said on 08 Sep 2005 at 12:44

why: I am more than willing to go underground. I just don’t feel it’s right to have to dig a hole in my living room for that, with the chance that I might break something I value while doing that.

said on 08 Sep 2005 at 19:33

Of course, if you’re unable to modify your HOSTS file, you’re also unable to go underground.

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