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The Ruby Track at OSCON #

by why in inspect
So this is how it goes. A Monday and a Thursday and a sliver of Friday are up on the schedule for the Open Source Conference. While we’re far outnumbered by the Python, PHP and Perl classes offered, I imagine the limited Ruby offerings will be packed. A class on metaprogramming, a class on dependency injection. And a full day of introductions by Dave Thomas and DHH.

It turns out that I am on tour with a band which I will call The Buttery Eyelashes. I was hoping that infiltrating America’s wireless would be simpler. Not so. However, I am on a network called JENNYS right now. What a gal, thanks Jen!

said on 09 May 2005 at 20:58

Were there just not enough submissions do you think? Or was a light Ruby track planned this way?

said on 09 May 2005 at 23:34

I think there were quite a lot of submissions (don’t know an exact number) but I also heard about several rejected submissions (I had one rejected and I as I recall the Seattle guys had a talk rejected). Mostly, I think that the O’Reilly folks did the planning for how much Ruby talks they would make room for prior to the jump in Rails popularity.

Last year the Ruby talks were relegated to a small room that was far from all the other talks – kind of like we were banished. Hopefully that won’t be the case this year. Given that O’Reilly is doing , what, two Rails titles I suspect if the planning was being done now that they would probably expand the number of Ruby offerings.

Here’s a thought: What if we had another site totally unconnected to OSCON (but nearby) where we could host more Ruby/Rails talks. Maybe we could do that on the Wednesday when no Ruby talks are scheduled. If there were interest in this sort of thing, maybe PDX .rb could work somthing out? I could check on the availability of the space where we have our PDX .rb meetings – it has room for about 25 people (well, we had over 50 in there last month, but it wasn’t very comfortable). It’s only about a 10 minute bus ride (+5 minute walk) from where OSCON will be held.

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