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Today is All Reruns #

by why in inspect

While I’m still off rooting away inside the Try Ruby code, wrapping up the last half of the tutorial, I’m just going to put this old reel on, which has been trapped in torrents until now. The crusade of snakes and rubies played out in the original monochrome. Titled: The Red Scared.

Two versions: Quicktime and Xvid. If you don’t want to bother watching it, the moral is that love conquers all. (Where love and ruby are interchangeable terms.)

said on 05 Dec 2005 at 19:55

thats hilarious! I laughed so hard!

said on 05 Dec 2005 at 22:00

While we are at it, could someone please tell me what modules are like in the “Foxes Tall and Small on Modules” video? I just don’t understand that word.

said on 05 Dec 2005 at 23:53


I’m having a little trouble downloading any of the Starry Afternoon torrents (only 18% after a week). Could you put up a direct download link, or allow some of us to mirror it for you?

said on 06 Dec 2005 at 04:37

mel: a fox’s hand. mayonnaise. modules-aise. it holds stuff.

said on 06 Dec 2005 at 07:37

thanks, kode.

said on 06 Dec 2005 at 09:38

hillarious video. this and so many other discussions seem to suggest that python vs. ruby is about the friendliest language war ever.

said on 07 Dec 2005 at 09:58

why, i agree with mike. i could help re-seed the torrent, because i’m having trouble finding peers or seeds..

said on 07 Dec 2005 at 13:40

Is there a link to all of these?

said on 08 Dec 2005 at 18:31

Typing next in your tutorial creates an interesting error.

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