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Try Ruby is Done, Makes HTML Now #

by why in inspect

Just wrapped things up. I’m really pleased with the last half of this tutorial. I’m sure I’ve introduced a bunch of bugs in my haste to add the virtual filesystem and a couple of libraries to the mix.

The most glorious addition is a simple HTML generation library. Want to try it out? Go to Try Ruby and run this:

 require 'popup'

 Popup.make do
   h1 "Things To Do" 
   list do
     p "Try out Ruby" 
     p "Ride a tiger" 
     p "(down River Euphrates)" 

Also, the upsy quizzies are fixed in Firefox for Windows. You can type slashes now. So sorry about all that. I’ll pretty things up over the next few days.

said on 22 Dec 2005 at 02:54

In Safari, the popup appears behind the input window! Nevertheless truly amazing :)

said on 22 Dec 2005 at 03:24

“Hey, Summary #1 Already” has “Let’s look at what you’ve learned what you’ve learned…”. (“what you’ve learned” is doubled)

said on 22 Dec 2005 at 05:08

Shouldn’t that be a tyre?

said on 22 Dec 2005 at 07:25

Still no love for us Opera plebs though :( No keyboard at all …

Still though, can get to it from the prompt now, so s’all good :)

said on 22 Dec 2005 at 08:31

Good, okay, working on Safari.

said on 22 Dec 2005 at 09:07

oh what have we done….is there no hope of slowing this juggernaut. Y’know, the next thing you know we’re gonna have a full featured web application development environment running within a web browser….y’know.

Oh the horror.

said on 22 Dec 2005 at 09:09

_why, have you checked the mail I sent to you about translating? :/

said on 22 Dec 2005 at 09:35

did you ever know that you’re my hero? and everything i would like to be?

said on 22 Dec 2005 at 09:46

hmmm.. now just to create the ruby code to open a popup of a “try ruby” window of my own.

said on 22 Dec 2005 at 09:49

brianmuckian: Probly a dozen different people have emailed me about turning this into an IDE . I’m sure it’ll be done at some point, but it seems so daunting. The idea of having to edit files in a browser, particularly.

Gyoung-Yoon Noh: I was just looking for your e-mail last night. Translation will begin in January. I have translators lined up for German, Portuguese and French also. You can even get a jump on it by looking at viewing the source. The whole tutorial is right there in the index.html.

said on 22 Dec 2005 at 10:07

On Firefox 1.5, I can’t move the popup browser, and I can’t read the next bit of the tutorial behind it…

said on 22 Dec 2005 at 10:28

Neil: You’ll need to close the window with the little X on the right side. Yeah, this is one of those things I need to friendly around with.

said on 22 Dec 2005 at 10:30

4+5 An error has occured. Try refreshing this page to reload your session.

(Firefox 1.5, Linux. I had this problem with a slightly older version of Firefox too.)


said on 22 Dec 2005 at 10:41

Ethan: Do you have cookies on?

said on 22 Dec 2005 at 10:53

“This tutorial is only partway complete.. but it’s getting better! Now you can hop chapters, you know? That’s decent!”

Declare it complete if it is. :)

said on 22 Dec 2005 at 11:00

No, let me try that.

Aha! That makes all the difference.


said on 22 Dec 2005 at 11:15

Thanks, Branstrom. I totally forgot to change that.

said on 22 Dec 2005 at 11:28

schweet like bear meat

said on 22 Dec 2005 at 11:53

It’s the cat’s pajamas!

said on 22 Dec 2005 at 14:25

_why: I can work the Spanish translation if you want. However, good as my Spanish might be, I’m not a native speaker, so we’ll probably want to find somebody to proof it…

Drop me a line if you’re interested: lukfugl AT gmail.

said on 22 Dec 2005 at 22:19

What a great way to introduce Ruby. Bravo!

said on 23 Dec 2005 at 20:51

Ooh, nice. You should make a sequel that goes deeper. Or is that the job of the (Poignant) Guide?

said on 23 Dec 2005 at 21:01


I still think that “Stop, You’re Barking Mad!” bit is a bit too harsh on newbies who you may well have just tricked into their first error though.

Is it possible to make the clipboard work, by the way? I’m not sure how, but if you know a way, that would rock…

said on 24 Dec 2005 at 18:34

The html generation library library is simply brilliant (and most subversive).

Stupid Question: Why don’t we build web-pages like this to begin with? isn’t this how that Squeaky toy does the page generations?

What I mean is, the “V” part also being pure ruby rather than .r[ht,x]ml step? (in Rails for example?)

said on 27 Dec 2005 at 13:21

Will it ever be possible to download the source for this? I really want to hook it up to my Rails exception reports and poke my system when there are errors :)

said on 31 Dec 2005 at 15:20

What about making Try Ruby into a wiki-like ide for ruby. Anybody would be able to edit source code and documentation. The wiki would run automated unit tests (which would also be created collaboratively) automatically. Code changes would be allowed even if they failed unit test but this would be frowned upon. Using this you could start software projects that would be collaborative like the wikipedia.

This could be really cool. You could have wiki style collaborative development for software. This would be the ultimate ide. You could even have some system whereby the code could be edited client side and then submitted to the wiki. You could even have the source code for the wiki itself as part of the wiki. So that even this code could be edited in real time. This would be a really radical style of collaborative software development.

said on 01 Feb 2006 at 08:27


said on 08 Feb 2006 at 05:00


said on 26 Mar 2006 at 19:03

brianmuckian: Is that a poke at TrimJunction? If not, you are so going to regret posting that comment :^)

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