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Gonzui is Epic Soaring Birdflight Through RAA #

by why in inspect

It’s time to give the RAA some credit. I mean it all happened so quietly. In March, available tarballs are now cached right on the RAA. In addition, the Gonzui source code search engine is available for searching anything on RAA. Let me show you how lishious this is.

classdef:URI [go]
search for URI class definitions.
moduledef:XML [go]
finds all modules which share the XML module namespace.
package:ruby funcdef:rb_const_get [go]
locates the function definition for the rb_const_get function in the Ruby source code.
package:ruby funcall:rb_const_get [go]
finds any calls to rb_const_get in the Ruby source code.
comment:metaclass [go]
searches the comments of all source code for references to the word “metaclass”.

Granted, this can all be done with grep and a complete mirror of RAA. However, if you click on the results, you’ll be taken to the line of source code directly with some tasteful syntax highlighting. I mean come on!

In Firefox, bookmark rcode, go to properties and add the “rcode” keyword. Then: rcode comment:metaclass in the address bar.

said on 28 Apr 2005 at 09:54

Nice! I wonder if it would be easy to make gonzui work with ruby-gems as well as apt-get? (The Firefox tip was helpful. Thanks)

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