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Why Wait for Christmas? (Don't!) #

by why in inspect

If I know you, you don’t have Ruby 1.8.3 installed. And why not? Because of a YAML bug which broke RubyGems (my fault) and a Logger incompatibility with Rails (for simplicity’s sake, we’ll call that my fault as well.) Now, since I really know you so well, I know that you’ll probably wait until after Christmas to install Ruby 1.8.4. I guess you don’t want to spoil the surprise.

I urge you: please spoil the surprise. Give Ruby 1.8.4 preview 3 a whirl. Matz just minted the thing a couple of minutes ago.

Please, donate a few minutes:

  wget ftp://ftp.ruby-lang.org/pub/ruby/1.8/ruby-1.8.4-preview3.tar.gz
  tar xzvf ruby-1.8.4-preview3.tar.gz
  cd ruby-1.8.4
  ./configure --prefix=$HOME/local
  make install

  export PATH="$HOME/local/bin:$PATH" 
  ruby your_test_script.rb

  cd /your/rails/app
  ruby script/server

Best of all, install a few gems to this local copy of Ruby and help us make sure it’s all okay! Let’s not have any 1.8.4 evacuees this time.

said on 22 Dec 2005 at 13:49

To run the tests add:

  make test-all
said on 22 Dec 2005 at 13:58

Cool, I just installed it cuz I want my Xmas present from Matz early. Everything is working fine so far for all the scripts I tested including a few rails apps.

said on 22 Dec 2005 at 14:04

There, do you see what a happy Christmas that Ezra is having, everyone?

said on 22 Dec 2005 at 14:07

Is there a NEWS file so I can see the changes? ChangeLog is a little verbose…

said on 22 Dec 2005 at 14:25
$ make test-all
./miniruby ./runruby.rb --extout=.ext -- -C "./test" runner.rb --runner=console 
dyld: NSLinkModule() error
dyld: Symbol not found: _rl_completion_matches
  Referenced from: /Users/eaten_alive/Desktop/ruby-1.8.4/.ext/powerpc-darwin8.3.0/readline.bundle
  Expected in: flat namespace

make: *** [test-all] Trace/BPT trap

$ gcc --version   
gcc (GCC) 3.3 20030304 (Apple Computer, Inc. build 1809)
said on 22 Dec 2005 at 15:09

built it, installed it, ran make test-all (below). Apart from that there, works lovely. Ran all the tests I could lay my hands on and did gems too. Just this from make test-all, then:

  1) Failure:
test_delete(TestDBM) [./dbm/test_dbm.rb:332]:
<DBMError> exception expected but none was thrown.

  2) Failure:
test_delete(TestGDBM) [./gdbm/test_gdbm.rb:442]:
<GDBMError> exception expected but none was thrown.

  3) Failure:
test_s_open_error(TestGDBM) [./gdbm/test_gdbm.rb:200]:
<Errno::EACCES> exception expected but was
Class: <Errno::EAGAIN>
Message: <"Resource temporarily unavailable - tmptest_gdbm">
./gdbm/test_gdbm.rb:201:in `open'
./gdbm/test_gdbm.rb:201:in `test_s_open_error'
./gdbm/test_gdbm.rb:200:in `test_s_open_error'

  4) Failure:
test_s_open_no_create(TestGDBM) [./gdbm/test_gdbm.rb:94]:
<nil> expected but was

  5) Failure:
test_s_open_error(TestSDBM) [./sdbm/test_sdbm.rb:123]:
<Errno::EACCES> exception expected but none was thrown.

1356 tests, 15407 assertions, 5 failures, 0 errors
make: *** [test-all] Error 1
[rosco@jukebox ruby-1.8.4]# uname -r
[rosco@jukebox ruby-1.8.4]# gcc --version
gcc (GCC) 4.0.2 20051125 (Red Hat 4.0.2-8)
said on 22 Dec 2005 at 15:10
for Gentoo folks:
ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge -Dav ruby
Happy Holidays all!
said on 22 Dec 2005 at 15:23

I get the same errors using GCC 4 .0.

Mac OS X 10 .4.3

said on 22 Dec 2005 at 20:07

no joy here either, wonder if it has to do with Apple’s readline

said on 23 Dec 2005 at 05:00
wejn@ns ~/tmp/ruby-1.8.4 $ make test-all
Finished in 49.617555 seconds.

1356 tests, 15409 assertions, 0 failures, 0 errors

(although I had to install before testing)

Oh, and my test scripts also run fine.

said on 23 Dec 2005 at 12:54

But Im a sparc64 gentoo guy mixonic :P

said on 23 Dec 2005 at 13:37

I don’t remember seeing so many warnings building Ruby before. I grabbed all the warning lines, stripped out the repeated parts that say “warning: pointer targets in ” ... and “ differ in signedness”, removed the lines for ossl and zlib, and got this:

re.c:121: passing argument 1 of 'rb_memcicmp'
re.c:121: passing argument 2 of 'rb_memcicmp'
re.c:129: passing argument 1 of 'rb_memcicmp'
re.c:129: passing argument 2 of 'rb_memcicmp'
regex.c:1014: initialization
regex.c:1015: initialization
regex.c:1029: assignment
regex.c:3222: passing argument 1 of 'slow_search'
regex.c:3222: passing argument 3 of 'slow_search'
regex.c:3222: passing argument 5 of 'slow_search'
regex.c:2689: passing argument 5 of 'slow_match'
regex.c:3227: passing argument 1 of 'bm_search'
regex.c:3227: passing argument 3 of 'bm_search'
string.c:1133: initialization
string.c:1255: initialization
string.c:1256: initialization
bigdecimal.c:201: assignment
bigdecimal.c:210: passing argument 2 of 'VpNewRbClass'
digest.c:100: passing argument 2 of 'algo->update_func'
digest.c:107: passing argument 1 of 'rb_str_new'
digest.c:129: passing argument 2 of 'algo->update_func'
digest.c:136: passing argument 1 of 'rb_str_new'
digest.c:174: passing argument 2 of 'algo->update_func'
digest.c:217: passing argument 1 of 'rb_str_new'
digest.c:248: passing argument 1 of 'rb_str_new'
sha2hl.c:108: assignment
sha2hl.c:121: return
sha2hl.c:168: assignment
sha2hl.c:181: return
sha2hl.c:228: assignment
sha2hl.c:241: return
nkf.c:66: assignment
nkf.c:92: passing argument 1 of 'options'
nkf.c:98: assignment
nkf.c:104: assignment
nkf.c:137: assignment
nkf.c:232: assignment
socket.c:983: passing argument 5 of 'getsockopt'
socket.c:1013: passing argument 5 of 'getsockopt'

Mac OS X 10 .4 with gcc 4.0. Hope this helps (?). I’ll post any interesting results of test-all separately, but given the problems reported with gcc 4.0, I wanted to put this out there in case it warranted review.

said on 23 Dec 2005 at 14:56

results from my make test-all: I got 79 “execution expired” errors on DRb tests. Other than that it was clean.

said on 23 Dec 2005 at 19:25

Guys, thanks for the tests. The most useful place for these reports, though, is ruby-talk or ruby-core.

said on 06 Jan 2006 at 15:47

I swapped that for wget ftp://ftp.ruby-lang.org/pub/ruby/1.8/ruby-1.8.4.tar.hz.

Well, test succeeded looks pretty fine. ruby 1.8.4 (2005-12-24) [powerpc-darwin8.3.0] looks good to me.

Time to tweak in some gems.

said on 14 Jan 2006 at 19:23

Grrrppp. Testing comments.

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