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CashHanded #3: RDoc ReDo #

by why in cult

If, by now, you still haven’t submitted a codefest proposal, then you are obviously just trying to make me mad. I’m taking it personal and I promise I will never stop hating you. (Mean is the new funny.)

Value estimated at 1 CodeFestBucks.

Do you think it’s any coincidence that the new Mac mini has been announced for $499? I’m not sure how you could justify purchase of a Mac mini with the grant money, but you’ll still have a dollar left over for beverages! I dare you, tricksy hobbits.

Today, I’m suggesting a new set of RDoc templates be written for a codefest. Sure, it’s been suggested once before and, two weeks later, it’s still a totally brilliant idea. Hey, but it’s not really my idea, I’ve been hearing DHH And The Railsers squealing about it for a month or so.

John Long etched out a fledgling JavaScript to illustrate framelessness for us. Point is: we need docs like PHP and Python have. I’m not talking content. We have the content. But we need a nice appearance, simplicity, and user comments.

Okay, now I’ve beaten the hammer once today. You can go read the iProduct spoof at Gizmodo. It’s chee-e-eky.

said on 13 Jan 2005 at 09:35

That JS doesnt seem to work for me (Firefox on OS X ); but I’d rather make rdoc generate div with overflow:auto anyway.

said on 13 Jan 2005 at 17:05

Sigh, Dave don’t have the time to maintain. Too bad, the ruby-red template is so nice. Has a Rubyforge project been started for RDoc tempaltes?

said on 14 Jan 2005 at 22:45

Uh, the javascript only works on IE. It’s only an illustration.

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