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Five Codefests Get Grants #

by why in cult

Okay, great. So we have five recipients of RubyCentral’s codefest grant program (a contest featured in January’s CashHanded #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5.) The five recipients will receive up to $500 in grant money, to be used towards hosting a gathering of Rubyists, all united in building libraries for Ruby.

Here are the winners and their locations. So, if you live in any of these areas, think about contacting the host listed below and offering your services. (You won’t get paid, so.) If you’re not sure how to contact them, go ahead and use the comments for this entry to express your willfulness.

  • Dave Tiu (Boston, MA): Displaytag, a port to Ruby/Rails of a popular Java/Struts library for displaying and interacting with HTML table presentations.
  • Andrey Melnik (Ukraine): Ruby/AGG and Ruby/View, a wrapper library for AGG, allowing users to draw high-quality graphics. Later this will be a base for Ruby-centric GUI toolkit similar to Rebol/view which is also based on AGG.
  • James Edward Gray II (Oklahoma City, OK): a pure Ruby framework for building multiplayer Web games offering two key services: Game management and design tools. Gambit can manage player’s accounts, game hosting and joining, player histories, in-game communication systems and out-of-game notifications for in-game activities.
  • Brian McCallister (Delaware): bindings to the Lucene search engine via SWIG and GCJ.
  • Ryan Davis (Seattle, WA): RubyGems cleanup and enhancements. A team of 12 has already prepared to attend this!
said on 08 Mar 2005 at 23:44

I wonder if it would be more useful to improve the ruby bindings for Cairo than start over with AGG . Cairo is getting a lot of press, with the upcoming GTK + support.

said on 09 Mar 2005 at 03:58

RubyGems cleanup and RubyLucene sound especially promising

said on 09 Mar 2005 at 10:26

Actually, the RubyGems team is up to a baker’s dozen. We’ve got people from Vancouver, British Columbia; Yakima, Washington; Portland, Oregon; and (of course) Seattle, Washington. Hooray for a strong regional Ruby presence!

If you’re close, or going to be in the area during the CodeFest (watch for details soon) we’de love to have you along.

said on 10 Mar 2005 at 03:21

I’m not sure codefests are the best way to push the state of Ruby libraries forward, we’ll have to wait for the results. In other words, maybe that money could have been invested differently.

BTW , is there a list of all the candidates somewhere?

said on 10 Mar 2005 at 03:56

2Speck: AGG has a lot more features and more flexible API than Cairo. Cairo provides simple rendering, as AGG provides vector manipulations and rendering. AGG has many features that Cairo don’t For example texture strokes, perspective transformations, alpha masks, distortions, AA gamma corrections, gouraud, vector blur, etc.

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