The Venues Of Hackety Hack

May 3rd 17:38
by why

Ok, well, it looks like people are talking about Hackety Hack in the following spots (in order of the most chatty):

  • Talkety Talk: the main forum for everyone who’s new to H-ety H. This place is getting busy. I still need to set up some rules, but basically: it’s okay to drop your bug requests and ideas there in the forum.
  • The chat channel Hacker(’why’).channel(’lobby’) is a central spot once you’re past Lesson Five.
  • Lastly, the Hackety Hack mailing list. This list is for those who want to help, who want to offer their skills. And not just coding: I’ll need folks who want to start local Hackety hacking groups or write new lessons.

Here’s how to jump on the mailing list:

  • Send a message To:
  • And be sure to carbon copy (cc:)
    No one on the list will see that first e-mail and you should get back an acceptance note saying, “Hey, good job, hello.”


said on May 3rd 20:55

Oh, and the wiki for storing ideas for tutorials and docs.


said on May 4th 13:58

Hackety Hack looks great, but no mac version? Waah!

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