2008 in Summary

December 6th 07:59

Inside Shoes 2 (180 words)

The second “stable” release of Shoes has flown. We still have a lot to do. But, hey.
December 4th 17:29

The Frustrating Magical Aspect (371 words)

While plundering around in the NodeBox forums, I happened upon a very stirring library for creating
November 25th 07:20

Seven Years Later, Proce55ing Leaves Beta! (449 words)

That’s right. 1.0.
November 22nd 16:38

Running Hot (287 words)

Yes-s-s, Zed takes me on!
November 21st 07:59

A Costly Parade (1064 words)

Adam Wiggins: First, Rubyists love elegance.
November 17th 23:58

Something Like PyArg_ParseTuple For Ruby (438 words)

Calling into Ruby from C is great, but I’ve noticed that I spend a lot of time casting
November 3rd 19:13

Hpricot Strikes Back (774 words)

My my. How the sensationalist press does carry on.
October 6th 17:36

Mixing Our Way Out Of Instance Eval? (1066 words)

The lynchpin of Ruby’s pidgins and so-called DSLs (Douchebaggery as a Second Language)
September 27th 22:29

Textarea Resize And Curly Quotes For Conkeror (436 words)

People say Google Chrome is a step behind Firefox because Firefox has addons.
September 25th 06:33

A Legend Never To Be Solved (1325 words)

I don’t mean to be overly sentimental or maudlin.
September 9th 18:09

Sorting Out Libskia (367 words)

Vladimir Vukićević: Another graphics library, Skia, has recently appeared as part of the Google
August 28th 19:53

The Funny Chip (1086 words)

Henri Bergson: This is just why the tragic poet is so careful to avoid anything calculated to attract
August 15th 12:36

Threaded XMLHttpRequest In Shoes (507 words)

Threads can be tough and don’t suit beginners very well.
August 12th 23:54

Those Vintage P K D Covers (326 words)

It just baffles me. There’s a landslide of interesting Philip K. Dick covers out there.
June 26th 13:04

Git Hooks For Ditz (60 words)

June 25th 14:31

Calling Cocoa Commandline (743 words)

The euphoria. All of Shoes’ Carbon code is gone, rewritten using entirely Cocoa native code.
June 19th 10:15

Stamping EXEs And DMGs (731 words)

Here’s a brief Ruby script—one that demos Shoes’ events and animation—and
June 12th 12:57

Martin DeMello's Gooey Challenge (867 words)

Martin DeMello: One of the most interesting facets of a desktop GUI system is how easy it makes it to
June 9th 03:58

Dismantling BrowserPlus (1552 words)

So, Yahoo!’s BrowserPlus came out of nowhere.
May 31st 16:09

De-smalling the Built-in Shoes Manual (430 words)

Shoes must cease growing to keep claiming its tinyness. Except for the manual. Let the manual bloat.
May 23rd 13:13

YAML 1.2 Ensconces and Envelopes JSON (452 words)

Hey, some progress. Three-and-a-half years after the working draft of YAML 1.
May 22nd 18:57

The Image Block At The Bottom Of Shoes (532 words)

In Shoes, images have been much as they are in HTML. Generally, a path to the image.
May 16th 11:39

BlimLimb, the Travelling Bot Troupe (776 words)

I thought I had deleted this hack!
May 9th 14:24

Some Chrome For Pjs (173 words)

So, yeah, Processing.js. Big fans of Pjs in this vicinity.
May 8th 00:18

Clearing Up The Whole Shoes And RubyGems Deal (293 words)

So, I have a matter of Shoes business.
May 5th 11:11

Sneaking Ruby Through Google App Engine (and Other Strictly Python Places) (1035 words)

Despite all the clicking that has been done on a certain star.
April 23rd 10:04

Your Eight Second Calling Card (232 words)

See, it’s just a lick of Javascript.
April 22nd 10:44

Making SCUMM Games (436 words)

After three years since their last release, ScummC has hit 0.2.0. And it’s looking really good.
March 20th 19:02

Jason Garber Finishes SuperRedCloth For Me (240 words)

At last, open source works as it should. Certainly, patching is cool. Branching is cool.
March 4th 23:30

The Tiny And Accomplished Lew (286 words)

François Lamotte took some time to e-mail in about his friend 4P8. He thought we’d like this.
March 4th 10:44

Shoes Is Sort Of Making Its Way Through The Linux Packaging Machines (78 words)

Bram Senders has put together a Debian package for Shoes. Available from apt in unstable and testing.
March 2nd 01:30

NKS is OPP (258 words)

As of today, Nobody Knows Shoes doesn’t belong to me any more. I have disowned it.
February 29th 17:36

Conkeror Comes Unstuck (551 words)

The surgery was a success. Conkeror has landed its separation manuever.
February 27th 15:19

DragonFly's Freezer (546 words)

People tend to dismiss DragonFlyBSD as the pipe dream of Matt Dillon, discounting all the work Matt
January 26th 15:10

Smudgy Residues (165 words)

Oh nice, you can now preview the chapters for The Ruby Programming Language by David Flanagan and
January 18th 13:29

The Lecturing Of Dr. Plainfield's Trilby (225 words)

Plainfield: This could lead to… tiny hatreds… building up little by little…
January 13th 12:18

Not Too Far Away (142 words)

The Io language blog has a nice example of using self-modifying code to implement constants.
January 10th 15:47

Lazy Bricks, Lazy Mortar (649 words)

Here’s a bit more Io. Don’t feel obligated to spread this stuff around.
January 9th 14:55

The Curious Look (387 words)

Well, that’s pretty wild.
January 8th 15:11

Shoes Curious Released (226 words)

Shoes’ first named release has arrived.
January 5th 03:54

Io Has A Very Clean Mirror (412 words)

The best languages are deceptively simple.
January 2nd 15:00

5¢ Concurrency (4 words)