2009 in Summary

April 29th 12:38

A Selection Of Thoughts From Actual Women (2183 words)

It would be totally presumptious and ridiculous for me to try to make the call on whether the dreaded
March 18th 23:35

Goodbye, Cruel Hello World (509 words)

What makes a good Hello World program? Because Hello World itself is a terrible Hello World.
March 13th 18:23

Ctrl+B For Concurrency (729 words)

I’ve walked away from ART & CODE in Pittsburgh with a pile of new hackers to idolize.
February 26th 06:38

How Are Those Guys Datamoshing? (782 words)

Ignore the word datamoshing for a second, just like you ignore the word blog.
February 5th 18:06

The Fundamental Little Hackers' Summit (347 words)

One month left until the little, budget, low-key conference that no one’s ever heard of!
February 2nd 18:55

A Classy Context Free Book (243 words)

The Context Free community has assembled this remarkable coffee table book of art from their gallery.
January 30th 19:01

Empathy And Other Miniature Pygame Hacks (360 words)

You know, you don’t have to finish a game or a project for it to be worth it.
January 29th 20:09

Löve In Two Dimensions (435 words)

It’s a wonder. These pockets of people you can happen upon.