2007 in Summary

December 24th 14:40

This Hack Was Not Properly Planned (1308 words)

Nikolai Krylenko: We must finish once and for all with the neutrality of chess.
December 12th 11:03

Scientifically Zany Maps o' the Moon (200 words)

This is a mineral map of the moon, generated by the United States Geological Survey.
December 10th 17:47

Shoes, Clock & Dictionary (402 words)

The Shoes mailing list has been hoppin with little apps lately.
December 5th 13:00

Wicked Old Keyboards (160 words)

You know, this article from Benj Edwards is called The 10 Worst PC Keyboards of All Time, but it only
December 4th 10:22

BarCamp's Anti-Shoes Agenda (195 words)

Though we’ve recently heard news of Shoes at BarCamp Brussels and its peaceful reception,
December 4th 01:26

Those Impressive NodeBox Colors (263 words)

I originally neglected the new Colors library for NodeBox since, well, you know, what could be so
December 3rd 10:12

BarCamp Brussels Didn't Know Shoes (231 words)

Please find enclosed the slides from Koen Van der Auwera’s talk on Shoes at BarCamp Brussels.
November 30th 10:54

Shoes Won't Let You Forget (192 words)

Matt Gauger: It really does make a nice little app to have running off to the side, and I’d
November 15th 01:03

You Javascripters Might Like The ShiftSpace Contest (140 words)

Turbulence.org is backing this contest put on by Mushon Zer-Aviv and Dan Phiffer, the guys behind
November 14th 10:31

Exactly, Ruby Isn't An Insurgency (378 words)

Tim Bray: Look, dammit, Ruby isn’t an insurgency or a conspiracy or a party, it’s a
November 9th 13:21

You Say You Know Shoes, But You Just Aren't Nobody (168 words)

The question is: do they go by Moccasinos or Sneaksters? Or just plain Loafers, I suppose.
November 7th 17:29

Oh, A Blog Crammed With Shoes (229 words)

So there’s a list of assorted lessons on the Shoes wiki now.
November 2nd 11:59

NKS Outtakes: Your Foot Can Pay Homage (270 words)

Here’s one that got left out of Nobody Knows Shoes.
October 31st 18:16

The Entirety Of The Shoes Family (55 words)

This is the reference section of Nobody Knows Shoes, done in scotch tape and xerox.
October 31st 16:28

A Telegraph From Popcorn (129 words)

Here’s one thing I like from Nina Katchadourian: Talking Popcorn.
October 30th 15:15

A Few Steps For Shoes On A Mac (131 words)

Will Larson: Stacks are containers that build downward, and flows are containers that build rightward
October 29th 19:00

Nobody Knows Shoes (23 words)

Nobody Knows Shoes
October 9th 17:00

Sandbox.set (227 words)

Okay, well, a year later… David Stevenson offered a patch on the mailing list for freakyfreaky
September 25th 14:06

Another Fun House Language Called Context-Free (375 words)

This tapestry of circles, believe it or not, was hacked out in just 12 lines of code.
August 30th 13:45

The Cinco MIDI Organizer (74 words)

I love this video!
August 28th 12:39

Cut Holes In Shoes And Get A Mask (180 words)

This greeny rainbow text is hand-crafted.
August 23rd 01:41

Let's Put A Cap On Shoes (159 words)

I don’t know about you folks, but when Anselm Garbe moved from wmii to dwm, I ended up
August 17th 02:54

HyperShoes (247 words)

So Shoes is for writing desktop apps.
August 15th 18:13

I'd Say 1-Liners Are Crucial (369 words)

When Hackety Hack came out, I’d see some folks in Internet Town say that the six-line blog
August 9th 22:50

Loops Make The Embrace More Meaningful (144 words)

Caitlin Kelleher: I found that character actions like hugging another character or dribbling a
August 9th 15:13

Picture Shoes (247 words)

Sorry, the Shoes repo is pure shrapnel right now. I suck!
August 8th 13:34

Coding With Cards And Doves (293 words)

Fantastic. So, Zachary Lieberman has this deal called Open Sourcery, where he has the magician Mago
August 6th 14:44

Yeah, Shoes Has Just a Few Simple Controls (289 words)

Hello, let’s do more Shoes.
August 2nd 12:30

Mashing In Some Graphics (351 words)

Okay, so, all these samples so far have used stacks and flows to get all the text and buttons and
July 31st 16:32

X3, Another Obscure Windowing Kit (124 words)

While I was out and about raking the countryside for any sort of OSX knowhow (Carbon stuff can be a
July 31st 01:58

Key Stroking With That Technology We Like To Call Shoes (299 words)

Whether you just like to call it Shoes or you legitimately love to call it Shoes, there’s no
July 30th 15:48

Okay, Well... Shoes (120 words)

The technology is called Shoes. I must be delusional to even try, I know.
July 5th 17:39

A First, Fat Book For Processing (207 words)

Hey, alright, there’s a new book titled Processing: Creative Coding and Computational Art that
June 15th 12:53

Hacking Might Be The Missed Paradigm (88 words)

Bonnie Nardi: I am concerned that in our zeal to move on to the “next paradigm” we may be
June 15th 12:24

I Guess Matz Will Not Be Retiring (85 words)

I can’t seem to find the article, but it seems like someone who took notes at the LLRing last
June 9th 16:48

Someone's Selling The Poignant Guide (469 words)

Well well well! Here we go. Finally! I have waited so long for this.
June 7th 19:34

A Restfully Organic Firefox (431 words)

I love having Leslie Wu around.
May 23rd 15:14

Illuminated Letters in NodeBox (114 words)

You’ll see these in the opening passages of bibles and fairy tales.
May 22nd 18:40

Hackety Hackers Before A Live Studio Audience (167 words)

Okay, here’s some video from the Hackety Hack meeting in Boston a couple of weeks ago.
May 22nd 18:13

Running Whilst Editing (177 words)

This is just super-splendid, kids.
May 18th 11:14

Snackety Snack At RailsConf (114 words)

Here’s what Brian DeLacey (the H-ety H ChargĂ© d’affaires)
May 15th 15:05

Hackety Hack and Scratch on The Beeb (290 words)

Hey, some folks wrote in to mention a bit of good press for Hackety Hack, piggybacked on this BBC
May 15th 14:24

The Hot Fumes Of Ruby Kaigi (71 words)

Kakutani Shintaro had me do another batch of drawings for this year’s RubyKaigi2007 (a
May 12th 17:41

Smalltalk Ideal For... Vista? What The! (315 words)

I left out a contender in the gooey post.
May 9th 21:40

Try Ruby, the Batch File (181 words)

I love this! Raggi has reduced Try Ruby into a 682 byte batch file for Windows.
May 9th 09:43

So Gooey: Can You See The Button? (256 words)

Time yourself. Here are four equivalent samples of gooeys. Each is trivial. Just a button.
May 7th 21:02

No Way Kids Will All Make Games (483 words)

I don’t have any proof for this, but part of the idea behind Hackety Hack is to break this
May 6th 01:10

Shapes and Colors for Ruby (123 words)

Looks like the infectious hacking spirits are really sinking their teeths in!!
May 5th 03:07

Prelude in Haskell (88 words)

The music is minimal, but the terminals are fun to watch.
May 5th 02:33

Breadth or Depth? (225 words)

Princeton’s soundlab has a couple of really interesting audio hacking tools that we’ll
May 3rd 19:27

NodeBox (394 words)

Let’s all agree to be proponents of NodeBox. Here, I’ll start.
May 3rd 17:38

The Venues Of Hackety Hack (173 words)

Ok, well, it looks like people are talking about Hackety Hack in the following spots (in order of the