The Hot Fumes Of Ruby Kaigi

May 15th 14:24
by why

Come this-a-way, little woodland trinkets.

Kakutani Shintaro had me do another batch of drawings for this year’s RubyKaigi2007 (a conference for Japanese Rubyists.) He’s made the business bird one into a set of wallpapers. Anyway: coming up on the 9th and 10th of June, wish I could go!!



said on May 15th 17:23

Since you’re getting quite a collection of these done now—have you considered publishing an artbook?


said on May 15th 18:04

I second the question. Why not, after all?


said on May 15th 20:46

I’m totally thirding this request. (and still waiting for the hardcopy of the Poignant Guide to Ruby complete with popup artwork.. :-)


said on May 15th 21:29

No, not until animated GIFs can be printed. Maybe flip book.


said on May 16th 12:56


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