X3, Another Obscure Windowing Kit

July 31st 21:32
by why

While I was out and about raking the countryside for any sort of OSX knowhow (Carbon stuff can be a lengthy, spelly, Chaucerian feat,) I ran across an open darcs repository for x3. It’s like Shoes, in that it’s a minimalist gooey toolkit. But it’s more focused on using the native widgets.

Anyway, it’s cool! It’s got Python bindings and the code is really compact. I think its only dependency is Cairo. And considering that the Pyrex extension is only a few hundreds lines of code, I’m sure it would be no sweat to have it in your own language of choice.

For a sample of the Python code: right here.


Dr. Ernie

said on August 1st 14:16

So, _why, why Carbon and not Cocoa?


said on August 1st 14:43

Well, purely because the Cairo examples I could find used the Carbon API. Hopefully I can switch to Cocoa at some point. Carbon was just the most obvious route. I don’t know why I have such a hard time finding my way through Apple docs.

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