Loops Make The Embrace More Meaningful

August 9th 22:50
by why

Caitlin Kelleher: I found that character actions like hugging another character or dribbling a basketball provide the main motivations for the use of programming constructs like loops and parameters arose. There is some risk that by providing users with a large set of high-level animations we may remove the motivation to learn programming constructs and concepts.

I like this whole paper. She taught over 200 girls to program with a visual language that hooked into something similar to The Sims. And the majority of the girls ended up with programs that had their characters spiraling off in arbitrary directions.

But I think that’s promising. Rather than all the kids ending up with the same thing. More like a painting class where it’s may all be of different quality, but it all ends up pretty expressive.



said on August 9th 22:59

Hey–you’re back. And you’re blagging a lot.

I need to start working on Linux HacketyHack again. You ever get a live repo link? Let me know.

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