The Entirety Of The Shoes Family

October 31st 18:16
by why

This is the reference section of Nobody Knows Shoes, done in scotch tape and xerox. These methods are now frozen, I feel good about the symmetry. Now to find out what’s broken. Help.

Now begin the comments …



said on October 31st 19:56

Come on Lulu send me my copy
Do it before I get all karate-choppy
Shoes need knowledge or soles get floppy
Flip flop door knock ring bell package droppy

OT - hard to navigate hackety

said on November 1st 12:10

Hi Why

Nice site, looking forward to trying shoes on.

I’m finding it hard to navigate here. There’s no ‘home’ link, and no navigation links between articles?



said on November 1st 14:11

_why, Trac doesn’t seem to want to grant ticket-creation privs even after I register myself with your funny rubyforge-checker thing. Maybe it detects all the Ruby we’re filling it with and it feels rebellious.

the nitpick

said on November 1st 14:24

nitpick here

Hash of various options.
A “styles” argument is a Ruby

It’s like beatnik poetry, but could stand to be reversed for those of us not yet alive in that era.


said on November 1st 14:46

Not all of these are implemented yet?


said on November 1st 15:22

misuba: So, wait, is it saying logged in as misuba at the very bottom of the orange-lined box?

the nitpick: Oh, yeah, it’s all flipped, maybe it’s designed to be read by a special kind of bifocal.

beef: Well, if you’re using one of the builds on the wiki, they are a bit out-of-date, still workin on that.


said on November 1st 16:50

will help with testing on Leopard once the latest build is up


said on November 2nd 19:03

Yes, let’s close tickets! I just verified that r244 still doesn’t build on Linux amd64. To take care of #20, just apply the included patch (currently you link with–fPIC but you don’t compile with it, hence the build error).


said on November 7th 18:40

Oh, sorry about that, bronson. The patch is commited.

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