You Say You Know Shoes, But You Just Aren't Nobody

November 9th 19:21
by why

The question is: do they go by Moccasinos or Sneaksters? Or just plain Loafers, I suppose.

Here’s what’s going on in the serfdom of Shoes:

  • Hacked $3 off on Nobody Knows Shoes. It’s the budget product.
  • Phil Crissman is working on a Twitter shoe. Yeah, definitely, it’s time for some cohesive programs.
  • Thanks are due from the changeset. To bb in #shoes for helping me fix up win32 threading. And to Harold Hausman for suddenly having it occur to him that a certain oft-allocated bitmap wasn’t being freed.

As for the rest of you: did you get your books? Can you actually read the words? I am somewhat worried about darkness. At the end of the stacks and flow section. Maybe even the background and border page.

(Image up-top courtesy of rcoder.)



said on November 9th 14:55

The last lines on page 14 are difficult to make out. It looks like: “So flows hit the ?? and move down!” But that’s pretty hard to make out. I’m guessing `??` is… “edge”?

The background pages look fine… unless there’s some secret text I’m missing. <:)

“working on” is the appropriate term for the Twitter shoe. (‘Shwitter’? …perhaps not.) We’ll see if the weekend proves profitable for Shoes & Twitter hacking.

Peter Cooper

said on November 9th 15:51

Still waiting for mine to turn up. It’s despatched but takes a while to chug across on the banana boat from the US.


said on November 9th 16:01

The book is great, but you must raise the price, not lower it! You have devalued my shoes and I demand satisfaction


said on November 9th 20:02

Still waiting on mine.


said on November 9th 21:25

I got my copy today, Awesome job!

I read through the book, I’ll try and go through it again with shoes running, to play with the examples & such.


said on November 9th 23:08

Got the book. It’s great! I read the first half in a single sitting (on the toilet) and went home and told my wife how smart I am. She’s duly impressed.


said on November 10th 04:48

Mine arrived here in Northern Ireland this morning. ‘Looks great–yes it’s a bit dark on that stacks page. Thanks for the love!


said on November 10th 06:50

Ordered on October 29th and still waiting to receive it in Switzerland


said on November 10th 09:19

Mine arrived earlier this week. I inhaled it twice, partially out of just a joy of reading and experiencing, and partially to soak in the knowledge. I wish all libs were so entertaining, yet well thought out.

I did run into some lockup issues… but I suspect the patch above addresses that?


said on November 10th 09:19

So, to all of you out there, is it completely bothersome to have to wait for this thing? Would you have preferred just having a free PDF? Or do you like having the real, tangible thing first?


said on November 10th 16:13

I don’t like waiting, usually, but I have been taught how to do it well by the world’s slowbies. I don’t mind either way, but if it’s meant to be a book, not a PDF, then I’ll wait. (ordering mine now)

agreeing with hadley also…don’t sell yourself short. It’s not the money, it’s the image of what the product gives for $5.57 vs $8.72 vs #{"$13.%d" % rand(100)}.

On second thought, maybe it’s not such a good idea in the first place to put a price on what you make yourself.


said on November 10th 16:45

Heh, looks like I’ll be waiting for a while…letting my eCheck clear + book manufacturing + shipping comes out to (9 + rand(11)).days. All the more time to break in my new shoes.


said on November 11st 01:12

I spent the last week anticipating NKS, and got giddy when it arrived in the mail today. When it arrived, I downloaded Shoes onto my laptop and immediately gathered every ethernet and phone cable in the house so that I wouldn’t get distracted by the Internet.

My neighbor Thomas helped me weave a hammock from the cable. This made a comfortable place where I was able to learn Shoes. Thumbs up on the comic book and thanks for the inspiration!


said on November 11st 16:33

I like having a book–I’d like to buy the poignant guide on lulu


said on November 11st 19:45

It didn’t really take very long for me to get the book, and my eyes are much happier to get to look at paper once in a while.

I’d buy a book of scribbles if it had ruby code hidden in it. In fact, it’d be great if the next book didn’t even have a real theme other than just being snippets of code to type out and discover, a la old BASIC code in old computer magazines.


said on November 12nd 16:03

Just got my copy today–amazing! High-fives all around, I love NKS. I, for one, eagerly waited for the printed copy and would also have willingly shelled out more for this gem (no pun intended) in and of itself, and also to support all the awesomeness you’ve made before.

I’d very likely do the same for a printed copy of the poignant guide, and it’s essentially a done deal if it contained some bonus action.

Woo Shoes!


said on November 13rd 10:18

my bad, it got stuck in the company’s mailbox. Now I have it !!

@_why: for artful books, I prefer not to be spoiled by the PDF


said on November 13rd 13:27

Just finished to read it. It was a nice read.

For the critics, on page 14, last paragraph, the text is too dark and really hard to read. Pages 19 and 20’s borders are cropped for 3 or 5 pixels.

Thanks for the art !


said on November 13rd 14:57

Well I just placed my order for the cheap version of the book. Had you actually charged a real price to earn some dollars I would have paid more just fine. Oh vells.

But I still would rather get a pdf first still caause I dont have to wait, and pdfs are easy to search. print is great after words but please release a pdf to the customers that have paid. did the same deal with lulu but had the beta book system in pdf and that was great.


said on November 14th 07:15

‘Original’ stapled version shipped 2nd Nov, arrived here in the UK today Weds 14th.

p14: I think it’s “So flows hit the side and move down”–but there’s nearly no contrast.

P32: last sentence ‘On the Shoes wiki, see the “Multi Page” link on the front page’. Err, no, I don’t…

Even with shipping, I don’t begrudge what I paid. I’d be happy to do a PragProgs deal and pay a bit extra for a PDF as well, to save me having to type in the examples.

+1 to the suggestion of a copy of the Poignant Guide prepared by the calloused hands of the original craftsman.



said on November 15th 01:49

It was sent 9 days ago but still hasn’t arrived.

This makes me sad.


said on November 16th 11:30

Um, guys, it’s already there.


said on November 18th 07:00

It is here.

This makes me happy.


said on November 26th 15:05

a package with four foam sheets
thanks for the book, why

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