You Javascripters Might Like The ShiftSpace Contest

November 15th 01:03
by why is backing this contest put on by Mushon Zer-Aviv and Dan Phiffer, the guys behind ShiftSpace. (Pronounced: §.) Which is a browser plugin for annotating and rewriting and overhauling websites with other people using ShiftSpace. It goes way beyond Hoodwink.d, which only lets you leave comments. ShiftSpace is more flexible and hackful.

So the contest is to write these metaweb scripts. Not like Greasemonkey scripts exactly. Like Greasemonkey attached to a database. Anyway, their samples illustrate the basics: leaving notes on web sites, swapping images.

Consider how many of you latched on to Hoodwink.d at some point during its lifespan and got comfortable in its underground. I’m sure there’s a place for a lot more experiments in this department.

Now begin the comments …



said on November 15th 02:06

Things like this, when viewed next to things like Facebook/Friendster are a BIG reminder that we’re a long way off from getting this hypermedia thing correct.

I don’t think “Xanadu” is the answer, but that it’s closer to that than what I’m using right now.


said on November 15th 08:33

Thanks for post why! That summarizes what we’re doing very nicely.

If anyone is interested on hacking the code, be sure to look at the 0.11 branch of the repository—we’re in the midst of a big refactoring that has changed how a lot of things work.


said on November 15th 09:28

And here I thought hoodwink.d was the last piece of software we were ever going to need. My naïveté laid bare for all to see.


said on November 16th 13:24

Hope they appeal to Safari-goers sometime…the Fox is not exactly the nicest to use on a Mac…


said on November 21st 12:04

bug—yes, we have been keeping the 0.11 branch compatible with GreaseKit on Safari.

Also, as of today we have real life documentation!


said on November 22nd 02:09

Ah, excellent! Will try it out, then.

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