Some Chrome For Pjs

May 9th 14:24
by why

So, yeah, Processing.js. Big fans of Pjs in this vicinity. Doesn’t do all that Processing does (in the way of: video exports, 3-D, and plugin support) but it’s totally amazing what it does with a few K of JavaScript and a browser. This will wipe out the applet completely.

Rather than just link to it and yelp HOORAY!, I thought I’d keep Resig’s birthday jaunting along with some XUL chrome, designed to mimick the real Processing.

One great thing about this is that you can run this app if you have Firefox 3.

firefox -app /path/to/processor/application.ini

Processing.js is included in the app’s tarball. Just add Firefox or XULRunner.

I don’t know if anyone else has tried this yet. Don’t want to step on any toes. The git repo is open for contribs.

Now begin the comments …



said on May 9th 15:01

You know, this is the first time I’ve detected in your tone a faint whiff of… jealousy? ;)


said on May 9th 15:03

Oh, absolutely!


said on May 9th 15:16

I’m in love.

I didn’t really think about the fact that since this code is quite portable, it’d be able to be shoved in just about any place that supports JavaScript/Canvas. There’s some word that people are looking to use this in AIR , as well.

I’m totally excited by what you’ve done here, it gives me so many ideas.


said on May 9th 17:32

Wow! Awesome! I am a lover of processing too, but sometimes on my Macbook the java app can use an uncomfortable amount of CPU cycles being what is essentially a text editor. I’d rather see it implemented as an Air app than an XUL app myself, but other than that, how funky!

You rock _why!

Wally Glutton

said on May 9th 19:20

Wow. This is like a coding version of photoshop tennis. Nearly 0-day chrome. ;)

Thank you both.


said on May 10th 00:36

Just a head’s up, I think there’s something a little off with your web server configuration:

o m g

said on May 10th 01:14

_why + JohnResig == un-fucking-stoppable


said on May 10th 02:38

under ubuntu hardy start it with “xulrunner —app /path/to/processor/application.ini”


said on May 10th 08:22

Terrific, it even works remotly.


said on May 13th 17:50

maybe it’s relevant to link to my hack for creating contextfreeart with javascript and svg?

said on May 17th 14:18

without the ability to record and play sound, applets (both flash and java) will have a lifeline. I agree though that this is a nice, portable way to describe rasters.

Maybe this will put pressure on Adobe to open source post-script (which is really the grandaddy of all display manipulation languages, and which by rights would be universal.)


said on May 17th 19:33

Wow, that’s fantastic stuff! After playing around with canvas some years ago, this will be even more fun. :)


said on May 21st 12:57

It is great. Thanks.
The only problem is that after I start a program it does not stop :( So I have to kill the XUL application and re-run it… any idea why?

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