Documents Reveal Django Pony, Caught In Tail Of Lies

September 15th 06:07
by why

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Jeff Croft

said on September 15th 01:22


Eric Florenzano

said on September 15th 01:24


David Zhou

said on September 15th 01:26


Bryan Veloso

said on September 15th 01:30

Oh my god.

Enrico Teotti

said on September 15th 01:37

very good! :)


said on September 15th 01:38

That’s it! Ruby has failed to deliver the pony. I’m switching to Python.

Those guys are much funnier, anyway.

Dan Rubin

said on September 15th 01:40

It’s like My Little Pony, but for web geeks. <3

Brian DeWeese

said on September 15th 01:46



said on September 15th 02:06

The best part is really the snake’s ARMS

(and its expression)


said on September 15th 02:11

I wish I understood a single thing posted on this blog. It’s like one big “in joke”, and I just feel like I’m not in on the “in”. :-(


said on September 15th 02:25

Dude, the Python has arms. Wicked. Pwnies. lol.

Drew Robinson

said on September 15th 02:36

You mean it’s a Trojan Pony? Ack!

Alex Holt

said on September 15th 03:06

Gold. Pure gold. ;)

Björn Kristinsson

said on September 15th 03:09



said on September 15th 03:34

Hah! Perfect… works on so many levels. :)

Deep Throat

said on September 15th 03:53

I see you’ve somehow infiltrated the fortress and gained access to PEP -003.1415926. Unfortunately, it’s been obsoleted and superseded by PEP -003.14159265. You’ve only scratched the surface. A lie, Mr. TheLuckyStiff, is most convincingly hidden between two truths.

Jannis Leidel

said on September 15th 03:59

Hahaha, brilliant.


said on September 15th 04:13


Dr Nic

said on September 15th 04:19

This gives me fond memories of those “How things work” books that I horded as a kid, where pictures of ocean liners and airplanes where cut open and their guts were shown. None of them ever had cool propellers in their tails. Their loss.

Jan Wikholm

said on September 15th 06:23

Awesome :)


said on September 15th 06:29

Python in pony’s clothing?
GET ME A PONY ! please daddy.


said on September 15th 06:31

Good one. For real controversy, you could have gone with a camel instead of a snake :)


said on September 15th 06:50



said on September 15th 06:51

brilliant. i wonder how Tux looks inside


said on September 15th 07:23

Django, like, ponies, exist exclusively in mythology. I think this looks photoshopped.

Bil Kleb

said on September 15th 07:45

Thank you.

Chris Heisel

said on September 15th 08:36

I love it!


said on September 15th 09:08

That’s it, I’m switching to Ruby.

Cippa Lippa

said on September 15th 09:29



said on September 15th 09:46

So, folks, you’ll never believe this. It turns out that the visceral cavity DID contain magic, which was removed in gory fashion and officers are at the crime scene as we speak. I’ve got my hand on part of the case file (which will be going out to The Smoking Gun today, hopefully) and discovered this artist’s rendition of the branch that removed the magic:

Tom Watson

said on September 15th 09:51


Där T. Ju

said on September 15th 10:43

Are you trying to say there is a snake controlling a pony, and the pony is somehow a part of Django? You’re not correct, you are in fact, wrong.

There is no snake controlling Django, and there is no Pony involved in Django. Pls fix this.


said on September 15th 10:45



said on September 15th 10:48

So it’s not magic at all!
It’s just plain old python.
I should have known right from the start.


said on September 15th 10:58



said on September 15th 12:23

Ouch, that magic removal branch looks painful!

It all makes you wonder: what or who is controlling the snake in it’s turn? Is there a little dictator inside? Does it have a magical mind of it’s own? More pwnies?

Jason Davies

said on September 15th 13:08



said on September 15th 13:17

i wonder if this it’s this same python that is responsible for the whole adam and eve thing


said on September 15th 13:17

Possible picture of the suspect just leaked. Some accounts have him in a knit cap. One report from a woman claims he had on a shirt said “goggle.” All reports have him as Nordic and well-versed in parsing strategy. He approached a table of diner’s late last night, requesting that one woman “kindly indent” her chair a few more inches.

Scary stuff. Keep the stables locked tight tonight. On-scene constable relayed to me personally the harrowing tale of three horses. Refused their morning oats.

Django Horse

said on September 15th 13:51

How quickly they grow up! Django the horse is coming up for sale.


said on September 15th 15:30

“One report from a woman claims he had on a shirt said “goggle.” All reports have him as Nordic and well-versed in parsing strategy.”

It’s, in fact, but that doesn’t look like me at all. Except for the beard and the hoodie. And the three horses.


said on September 15th 15:50

Oh my – the Dutch will not like the “Nordic” part one bit. I guess one can be forgiven for asumming that a culprit in that line of work would be Nordic – after all many of his prominent colleagues are…


said on September 15th 16:01

Actually we happily identify with the “Nordics”. A welcome change from being associated with the Germans. ;-)

The latest reports have him quoted as saying:
A pony, my dictatorship for a pony


said on September 15th 16:12

Fortunately, it’s not me. Although hoodie looks similar. But the beard is there only on the photo in my passport.

It wasn’t me, for good and bad.

Emil Stenström

said on September 15th 16:14

Looking forward to the upcoming movie: Snakes in a pony.


said on September 15th 17:43

This entire thread made my day. Awesome.


said on September 16th 07:15

What to do when home sick and no energy to code, laugh a little bit, and enjoy the imagination of Why.

Alberto Paro

said on September 16th 07:55

Long life to Pony, ops… Python.


said on September 16th 19:10

a Python?!? I was expecting turtles… all the way down…

Daniel Lindsley

said on September 16th 19:31

“Even though your application of ‘science’ has led to incorrect beliefs about me, I still love you, _why!” – djangopony


said on September 16th 21:37

@lukens, don’t feel badly. _why actually writes this from his prison cell, with a hockey mask bolted to his face. Have you ever seen “Silence of the Lambs”? It’s like that.


said on September 17th 15:31

does python have a panda? ruby does, and cool shoes too.


said on September 18th 21:45



said on September 23rd 22:01

i understand!


said on September 26th 14:52

The spoon does not exist


said on September 26th 19:59

Lindh (effbot) egocentrism fail!


said on September 30th 22:44

wow, some of the comments make me want to reply to put them out of their confusion. JFGI just freaking google it!

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