Inside Shoes 2

December 6th 07:59
by why

The second “stable” release of Shoes has flown. We still have a lot to do. But, hey. It’s happening, right?

This time I have some detailed release notes, with screenshots and code fragments to help sort it all out.

Inside Shoes 2: The second release of Shoes (called “Raisins” by many) is a culmination of a year of feature-filled additions to the first, experimental release of Shoes (titled “Curious”.)

This release adds a built-in manual, an error console, RubyGems integration, simple asynchronous downloads, an in-memory and database-backed image cache, support for external fonts, and, most prominently, its own unique library for packaging apps into little executables. OS X support is significantly better, as we switched from Carbon to Cocoa.

A lot of these features were fleshed out here on the blog, with your responses proving very so very valuable indeedy.

So, thanks for following along. Shoes 3 ("Policeman") will come around in, oh, January, I’d hazard.

Now begin the comments …



said on December 6th 04:53

Awesome, especially the rubygems integration.

I have a small question though. Would the font feature work with font files on the Internet? Just in case the user doesn’t have the font with them.


said on December 6th 07:07

Very nice, sir. The more playful love child of terse and loquacious. Installing on Windows now. Any idea when we might see the Ubuntu package catch up?


said on December 6th 08:36

Yay, another great release =)

Now all i need is comprehensive documentation to cover such features as widget creation and multi-url application.


said on December 6th 09:33

celebrus: That’s a very good idea you have there. I guess we’ll see about that.

brainopia: And docs for the setup blocks and packager. I haven’t poured too much time into those, as they aren’t essential to Hackety Hack. There is still so much do.

Antonio Cangiano

said on December 6th 12:58

That’s great. Congratulations, _why. One small issue: shoes -p isn’t working for me.

$ uname -a
Linux zen 2.6.27-9-generic #1 SMP Thu Nov 20 22:15:32 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU /Linux

$ ./ -p
Unrecognized flag : -p
Makeself version 2.1.5


said on December 6th 13:18

Antonio Cangiano: With the .run, you’ll need to do:

 $ ./ -- -p

But I’ll see if I can work that out for the next release.

Antonio Cangiano

said on December 6th 13:30

That worked. Thanks.


said on December 7th 15:21

So, Policeman instead of Murder, eh? The plot thickens…


said on December 7th 15:47

Do I automatically get new shoes when they are released, or do I have to go looking for my latest pair?


said on December 8th 03:12

Did I miss Grapes?


said on December 8th 10:26

A small bug report:

Shoes won’t run for me on OSX if I drop it in a directory with spaces. It’s fixed by quoting $APPPATH in line 4 of shoes-launch. Maybe something for the next release?


said on December 8th 17:06

be cool if sqlite was bundled inside


said on December 8th 17:13

great release! thanks


said on December 8th 23:42

lmz: Yes, okay.

kam: It is. Hpricot, JSON , and RubyGems are also included.


said on December 17th 17:21

I’m playing around and after an hour of debugging found out that:

lnk=link("SOME TEXT") debug(lnk.text==“ SOME TEXT ”)

returns false. because, it comes out that @lnk.text is an array (not a string). so i have to reference my link’s text link like @lnk.text.values_at(0) (sorry, textile…) .
is this how it’s meant to be?

just as I was starting to get scared I had to learn WX, FOX , Qt (I even experimented with Apollo – a sort of Delphi-Ruby integration – thinking of using Delphi as a GUI -tool) I came across Shoes. thanks a ton for (sharing) it!


said on December 18th 14:36

I miss a button.visible? method … Only way I can think of for keeping track of the button’s hidden/shown state is by using a global variable for each button, but don’t quite like the idea of it…


said on December 19th 14:57

Hey, did you see some dude made a 3D gpu back end for cairo?


said on December 21st 00:37

rwms, can’t you monkeypatch in the method?


said on December 21st 14:59

great work _why! …


I tried the activerecord with shoes example from the shoebox [] and other of my own and in both cases i get a “no driver for sqlite3 found” error, I’m sure it is my fault but can’t figure in which way.

Would thank any clue :)


said on December 24th 23:32

“I haven’t poured too much time into those, as they aren’t essential to Hackety Hack.”

Nice to hear that you are still planning to continue with Hackety Hack. Having heard almost nothing butt info on Shoes lately, I was starting to wonder…


said on December 25th 00:50

Btw, any idea when we can expect the next release of Hackety Hack?

Keep up the good work!



said on December 26th 08:02

I can’t open the cover pdf in Acrobat or Acrobat Reader, it very helpfully states There was an error opening this document (15)


said on January 7th 01:17

Hopefully this version will fix https. I can’t connect to https sites currently and it gives errors like method closed? not found in protocol.rb.
Please help


said on January 15th 06:16

Thanks for all you’ve contributed, another great piece of code to take apart


said on January 18th 03:44



said on January 30th 04:52

Where may I submit a bug? :P


said on February 1st 16:10

So I totally missed this announcement. If only I hadn’t! It came on my birthday and would have made me happy.

Instead, I resorted to singing to myself as I made my way down the dark and cold street home.


said on February 2nd 20:19

hackety hack for ppc plz

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