The Fundamental Little Hackers' Summit

February 5th 18:06
by why

One month left until the little, budget, low-key conference that no one’s ever heard of! Small as it is, though, this is a big deal for Hacker’s Ed. The first time we’ve had our own conference. The creators of Processing, bits of the Alice and Scratch teams. My sources say you’re talking in the vicinity of a hundred bucks for out-of-towners. Discounts for young folks. And locals moreso.

The thing will go roughly like this:

  • Saturday – each team gets their own room to show you how to hack, both morning and afternoon. Like five hours in all. These will be workshops. Bring your laptop. You can concentrate on one tool or you can float around.
  • Sunday – everybody’s together and you’ll see fourty-five minute showcases of each tool. And some general discussion about what kind of ideals we’re all trying to espouse.
  • Monday – again, workshops. Local school kids come in on these days and the classes will be very basic.

This whole conference was cooked up Golan Levin. If you have no idea who that is, that’s probably my fault. I should have posted this awhile ago. Seriously, what a fantastic sort of fellow.

Lovely sentiment from the motivation:

Recently, a number of projects dedicated to democratizing the education of computational thinking have coalesced. Emerging primarily from the arts sector, a set of new programming environments (and accompanying pedagogic techniques) have been developed by artists, and for artists, that help regular folks and other non-computer-scientists learn to program. Using visual and musical expression as the “hook”, thousands of people have not only learned to code using these new environments, but found new reasons to code in the first place. These environments — many of which are free, open-source initiatives — have made enormous inroads towards expanding the computational abilities and interests of hundreds of thousands of creative people worldwide. You too can join this movement!

Kind of like a cross-language community, yeah? Imagine that.

Now begin the comments …



said on February 5th 12:54

god bless you _why. I am so pumped for this. I am also pumped that it is happening on the weekend. I can’t wait to hang out with you and golan and all the other cool hackars!

where is the signup link?


said on February 5th 12:55

ohhhhh, one more day!


said on February 5th 13:45

The registration form is not active yet, but you can join the NING member page…


said on February 6th 00:28

oh good, silverlight

hope nobody wastes their time on that


said on February 6th 04:07

Excellent idea, hope we can see some nice things made from it


said on February 6th 11:41

paul, the religion & code conference is a different weekend.


said on February 6th 12:07

Well, Silverlight is really out of place. I mean why isn’t Microsoft showing Small Basic? You’d think that’d be a lot more pertinent to the topics at hand.


said on February 6th 12:18

I think that the Silverlight team is “fun” and “creative” and comprised of dudes who like surfskating too! So it’s natural that Microsoft would pay them to come speak to other Captive Creatives.


said on February 6th 22:19

Can I reduce this poster pic size and use it on my blog like a banner?

drue miller

said on February 7th 10:58

Hey, just wanted to let folks know that registration is finally open:

Looking forward to seeing all of you there!

sqlite and spatial database : SpatiaLite

said on February 25th 10:12


I discover this sqlite extension at
It work find on windows,

Its seem that with spatialite, camping, and html canvas it should be very easy to dao litle application
with map capacity.

But there are no reference for use it with ruby.
Have you some idea (or are you interested to make it..) for update the binding for ruby ?

Thank you

Hackety Hack ETA?

said on March 9th 10:48

Hi, I have waited eagerly for the new release after reading “The New Hackety Hack will be available here on March 7th, as part of the ART & CODE ’posium. For Windows, OS X and Linux!” But seeing a few days have passed, I just wondered if something was up. Do you have any tips for us on when the new Hackety Hack is out?

said on Mon DD HH:MM

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