BarCamp's Anti-Shoes Agenda

December 4th 10:22
by why

Though we’ve recently heard news of Shoes at BarCamp Brussels and its peaceful reception, I’ve received damning evidence that Shoes has been excluded from participation previously. BarCamp has often barred Shoes of any kind from its venue by placing menacing and heavily-underlined signs at security checkpoints.

Any Shoes found on the premises are place under house arrest and packed into temporary internment facilities in a very confined space without access to sunlight or running water. We are talking wall-to-wall. It appears that these rooms are clearly marked with large, swastika-like letters etched in masking tape.

Then again, perhaps it is best to just leave the footwear out of this. We do not know Shoes, therefore we should not pretend to know Shoes. Yes, follow Disa, seen here reading NKS unshod in pink socks. Presumably in protest.

Now begin the comments …



said on December 4th 13:04

hmm… clearly we need more action shots of NKS tagged ‘NKS’ on flickr. I’m convinced that is the only way for NKS to go from being internationally ignored and despised to being internationally known and despised.


said on December 4th 17:02

You may have a huge cultural gap to cross with the Japanese Ruby community!

Koen Van der Auwera

said on December 5th 04:34

I passed a copy of NKS around on BarCamp Brussels and everybody loved it! Once you see it, you don’t really have a choice. You got to have a copy of you own.

Me, holding NKS :)

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